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                    網站首頁 產品目錄 導引中心 認證&榮譽 工廠巡禮 聯系我們 香港電子展


                    Dear valued customers :

                    Thank you for the good support over the years.
                    We wil be exhibiting the show in April 2011.
                    We'll appreciate your kind attendance.

                    Special invitation from

                    Greatperson Group:
                    Xiamen Shenlu Wonpro Electrical Co., Ltd

                    Visit us at Booth 9E35 at the
                    China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong!

                    We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components in Hong Kong on April 12-15, 2011!

                    Visit us at Booth 9E35 to see our new products:

                    We look forward to see you and discuss how we can meet your sourcing needs at the Fair!

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