Model No.︰WFL-2.RGFS.R4S
Brand Name︰Wonpro
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Product Description

This product series are socket-outlets of multi-purpose single-phase line. The products, luxurious grade, are used for the interior decoration and for the wall surface mounted socket by the installation of buried type or convex type. With the novel appearance, the shell is made of flame-retardant materials, Electrical conductivity of connector part is safe and reliable; Use combined screw terminals. The multi-purpose socket is suitable for flat, cylindrical, two pole, three pole plug And various types of plugs in more than 20 countries and regions can be used as connectors of the socket. It can also be used with protective gate structure.

The design of universal receptacle holes of the series product of receptacle is compatible to various plugs of international standards used in the United States, Asian, European and African countries. The design of universal functions makes possible various ways of assembly of receptacle according to desires. Wonpro products are easy to be assembled and replaced. With the design of a retaining slot and wire-withdraw press and accurate positioning device, the current leads are easy to be plugged in or out according to your desire. The flexible and elastic metal pieces contact the plug closely and the closeness of contact remains even after 10 thousand plugs in and out.
The additional protection shutter is a unique design in China for double guarantee, Power is not supplied unless the two protection shutter are opened simultaneously and this mechanism prevents wrong plug-in in one hole and protect children from electric shock.

In addition to multi-purpose outlet, but also design and development appropriate national standard outlet. There are national standard, American standard, British standard, European standard, IEC male and female blocks and so on.

In the field of communication information, there are a TV antenna socket, telephone socket and network socket. Used for indoor wall mounted TV antenna, telephone socket , and network socket and telephone socket have two cores, four cores, six cores and eight cores, which can be assembled by customer’s demand. They are of excellent contact performance, reliable, easy to use, and attractive appearance. The phone and network outlets have with protective gate device with a dust effect.

In the fields of hotels, hospitals, tourism ect,  there is a special wiring apparatus of 146 series of large panel socket, audio socket, TV socket, Delay and Dimming, Insert card for power, Do not disturb switching, Energy shaving socket, Waterproof doorbell and Splash-proof box and so on.

There are this series of products as follows:

European type Universal receptacle+ Universal Receptacle with safety shutter
Rated: 16A 250V
Color:  White
Frame Size: 146x 73 (mm)
Fixed Hole: 120 (mm)
Safety shutter: in orange


Product Image

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